Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Photos

It was great to see many of you for the "We LOVE to Read and Write" celebration last Thursday. I hope you enjoyed listening to the children share their writing and read their good fit books. Our day was filled with Valentine-themed fun at various times throughout the day. The pictures below show some of the fun we had in our classroom.

Conversation Heart candy makes for a great math activity! Students estimated, sorted, counted, added, and compared numbers--all with Conversation Hearts!  
These were my favorite Valentine bags yet...heart people bags! They just look so ready to receive everyone's Valentines. The delivery was calm and everyone seemed OK about having to wait until they got hope to open their bags. 
We have very efficient mail deliverers in our class!
Our celebration began with a slideshow of photos of students reading and writing since the beginning of first grade.
Thanks to all who contributed to the snack! I did forget to put out two items, and we enjoyed the cookies a little later in the party, and the strawberries were delicious the next day. Oops!
We had a great turnout! I wish  you could see the balloon at each table. Our room looked quite festive!
Proud and happy readers and writers!
Everyone shared their writing binders. 
It's great to see how much progress everyone has made!
Smiles everywhere!
It was neat to see children proudly reading to several different visitors. 
Snack time!!!
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