Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Geometry (and our cute Valentine bags!)

 Our latest unit in math focuses on geometry, and this has been a fun and refreshing change in our daily math routine. In fact, one student asked me today why we hadn't done math in a couple of days. We have been doing  math--it just seems very different with our new focus! So far, we've focused on our Attribute Blocks (shown below). These have four distinct attributes: color, size, shape, and thickness. Students have played two games with these blocks: Guess my Attribute Rule and the Attribute Train Game. Ask your child for more details. Soon, we will begin our exploration of three-dimensional shapes--always a fun and engaging study! As we explore geometry, we continue to review addition/subtraction facts and strategies, build our understand of numbers, count coins, tell time to the five-minute interval, practice face families, strengthen other skills introduced throughout the school year. 
They used A LOT of blocks in their Attribute Block train! They are not randomly fact, this game is pretty challenging!

And the Valentine bags were sitting by the loft with care, in hopes that lots of Valentines soon would be there...

Our Valentine bags turned out very well this year! I love how cheerful they look in our room, anticipating the great fun to be had tomorrow.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE those Valentine bags! How colorful and cute. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!

    Miss Dube