Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Friday=Making Oobleck!

On Friday, we made Magic Muck (commonly known as Oobleck). This was a tie-in to our current procedural (how-to) unit of study in writing. I wrote a how-to piece about how to make this magical creation, and we made Oobleck to make sure my how-to directions were accurate. During this unit of study in writing, students are encouraged to "act out" the steps in the procedures they write to make sure they have included enough detail. We did more than act this one out--we actually made the end product. :-) Providing students with many examples of writing in a particular genre helps them to see/hear how that type of writing should look and sound. We have also explored many published how-to examples, with the intention of using these text models to influence/inspire students' writing. Watch for more hands-on "how-to" experiments to come! A copy of Friday's experiment, "How to Make Magic Muck (Oobleck)" was sent home in your child's green home-school folder. Try it, if you haven't already! Magic Muck can be both a solid and a liquid, which is a great preview of a future science unit--Solids and Liquids.

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