Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sharing at our school-wide meeting

Twice a month, we have school-wide meetings at UMS. This is a time for the whole school to come together to have a Morning Meeting. School meetings follow the basic schedule of our classroom Morning Meetings--greeting, sharing, activity, and message. We taught the school a greeting called "Sally Go Round the Sun, Sally Go Round the Moon." Not all children were comfortable with going up in front of the whole school  to do this, and I always make this optional. Someone took a video, so I will try to track that down and post it soon! We coordinated our greeting to go with Ms. Barnett's class' sharing of their moon artwork since all first grades are studying the moon! Everyone did a fantastic job!
Our greeting included a song with movements and then a handshake with a "Good Morning, ______!" to each new partner. 

After we demonstrated how we do the greeting, we invited the whole school to sing along and do the motions while sitting down. They then greeted someone sitting next to them!
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