Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank you! (and a few other updates...)

I enjoyed seeing everyone last week for parent-teacher conferences! Thank you so much for being a partner in your child's education. It was great to take time to discuss your child's growth and progress. Many students shared how happy they were about having you come in to hear wonderful things about their learning!

Because of the busy week last week, I did not think to take many pictures, and I've been lax on that this week too. :( I do have some photograph-able things planned tomorrow, so I will try to do some more updates this weekend). Students have done some amazing artwork and we've learned about some pretty cool things! So, stay tuned...

THANK YOU to the many people who responded to my last-minute request for a green snack for St. Patrick's Day. I was amazed with how many sent special green treats. We had enough to last for two days! We had lots of green veggies (cucumbers, broccoli, celery, and green peppers) with green french onion and green ranch dip; green grapes; green kettle corn; mini green chocolate chip muffins; green Rice Krispie treats; and green sprinkle sugar cookies. Wow!!! 

Students were multi-tasking--eating a green St. Patty's Day snack and drawing an Earth with oil pastels for our latest hallway artwork. I will post photos of the finished product soon! 

Green all around!
Today (Thursday, March 24th),  students who earned four or five stickers on their weekly chart were invited in for "Lunch Bunch" in the classroom. This week, the same rules apply to earn Lunch Bunch next week (four or five stickers), but next week students will have to earn FIVE stickers to participate the following week. Way to go, LUNCH BUNCH students! :-)

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  1. Looks great! I love the green snacks too!!! You will have to tell me how you got that cute moving shamrock on your page! Congratulations to your lunch bunch!!! They are lucky to have such an amazing teacher!!!
    Well done Mrs. S!
    Mrs. D.
    (Mrs. S's teacher friend)