Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pizza Party!

Hooray! Students filled our fishbowl to the designated line and now earned a pizza party! Students voted on three choices for how we could celebrate their accomplishment. As you can see below, the vast majority wanted a pizza party. So, tomorrow afternoon, we'll have a pizza snack! Way to go, everyone! This reward was earned through the marbles students add to the fishbowl when they "stay in the tree" for our classroom behavior plan. If they stay at the top of the tree they contribute two marbles to the bowl twice a day; one marble if they are "dangling" on the bottom of the tree. I am proud of everyone for working so hard to add marbles to our collection! We emptied the jar at the end of the day and started again...this time the line will be a little higher, but I don't think it will take TOO long to get there! :-)

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