Saturday, September 14, 2013

Do you tweet?

If you are a Twitter user (or even if you aren't...yet), you should follow @Sorenson1st.

As of now, I'm the classroom "tweeter." But soon, students will take over this job. This is simply a way to quickly disperse snippets of info about our day, and it's another way to help you get a glimpse inside our classroom. 

The first two pictures below were tweeted on Friday. I took a picture during sharing time and tweeted it. Then I told students about and showed the Twitter feed on our classroom blog. A bit later, I added another tweet and shared it with the class. Several students seemed familiar with Twitter, and all are familiar (at least somewhat) with classroom blogs. 

I encourage you to follow both @Sorenson1st and @CSDCommunity, our district's Twitter account, to stay up-to-date with what's happening in the Colchester School District!

Speaking and Listening is an important component of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our daily sharing times help students practice these skills, as do our many other meeting and sharing times.
Educreations is hands down one of my favorite apps on the iPad. Students are learning to use it during our math workshop time, and they will use it for many different subject areas throughout first grade (along with several other apps). We will share our creations using this app soon!
I did not tweet this photo, but I should have. Mrs. Lucier (our amazing classroom assistant!) worked with groups on Friday to better understand number models/number sentences. Students used click cubes (unifix cubes) to break 10 cubes into two groups and show the corresponding number sentences on a white board (e.g.: 2+8=10, 5+5=10, etc.). We will practice this important skill in many ways as decomposing numbers is a critical building block of mathematical understanding.

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