Monday, September 23, 2013

Reading Strategies

Have you heard about our reading strategy mascots? These furry friends help students know what to do when they get stuck on a word while reading. Stretchy Snake (stretch the sounds of the word and put the sounds together), Lips the Fish (get your lips ready and say the first sound(s) of the word), and Eagle Eye (check the picture for clues) are just a few of the many strategies students will learn about and practice during our mini-lessons in Reading Workshop over the next several days and weeks. Ask your child what each animal reminds us to do to help ourselves when we're stuck in reading--I hope they can tell you because they sure are getting good at trying these strategies! Much more information to come! (And I will also post pictures of students sharing how they used these strategies in their independent reading (Read to Self time). 


  1. Last night my daughter told me about the mascots and used them while we were reading. A great tool for her to build confidence in reading by herself

    1. Hooray!!!!! This makes me smile. Thank you for leaving a comment and I am so proud of your daughter for trying what she learned at school in her reading at home!