Saturday, September 14, 2013

Monday Journals

Students started writing in their Monday Journals on the first Monday of the school year, which was last Monday. These journals are meant to be a way for students to settle into the day each Monday morning, and also a means to share what's going on in their lives. Often, students have many stories to share after the weekend! There is a note to families on the inside cover of each journal, which you probably already saw when your child brought home his/her journal last week. In short, please let your child read his/her writing to you and you can share/discuss it. There is no need to make any revisions--just celebrate your child's efforts! My hope is that this journal will become a fantastic showcase of each student's growth in writing ability throughout first grade.

During our "Monday Journal" time, I am working hard to record each child's lunch/snack drink order for the week, sift through notes from home/other papers, and take attendance. Mondays are busier than the rest of the week because of lunch forms. So, please know that I do glance over each child's writing and listen to them tell me the gist of it, but mostly I'm a cheerleader for them to write as much as they can and feel good about their efforts! My coaching and guidance in writing will occur during our daily Writing Workshop time.

Please help your child remember to return his/her Monday Journal by Thursday each week, if not sooner! Thank you!

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