Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today (and tomorrow) at Math Stations...

As I've posted before, students go to Math Stations every day. There are four math stations total, and students go to two stations each day. Between today and tomorrow, students will take their first math assessment at the Meet with the Teacher station. I will explain more about our math curriculum at Curriculum Night next Thursday. In a nutshell, these assessments give me valuable information about each child's progression in math and what he/she has mastered and/or needs more practice with. This allows me to differentiate my instruction to meet everyone's needs. Of course, assessment is ongoing and is done informally on a daily basis. You will receive a copy of the Unit 1 math assessment in your child's green folder next week, along with a brief letter explaining the scoring.

Here a glimpse into today's stations...
Students liked taking the math assessment. Hooray! 
Geoboards were a hit at the All by Myself station.
Mrs. Lucier introduced a game called "Bump" at the Hands On station. This game will be played in many variations throughout first grade. 
I introduced the games on our classroom blog (see the math tab above) and students explored these games at the Technology math station. Students can access these games at home--or anywhere!

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