Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our self portrait project

We have officially started our self portrait project, which is part of our science/social studies unit, All About Me.

Students have watched a video of last year's project, listened to books related to this theme, and are now ready to begin creating a beautiful self portrait that will hang in our classroom all school year! These will be completed by the Open House on October 3rd. I will continue to take photos as our artwork takes shape!

Soon, we will begin a collaborative project using iPads to compare ourselves to one another and to recognize our similarities and differences. I am eager to begin this part of the unit, as I love teaching with technology and helping students discover how technology can be used in many ways--not just to play games. 
These students decided on a warm color background for their self portraits.
These students decided on a cool color background.
On Friday I showed students how they can blend white, red, yellow, and brown paints to create their own unique skin color. They will create their own blend on Monday.

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