Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Upstairs Library is Open!

We had a Reading Celebration on Friday (and it will continue on Monday, too) to congratulate students on making it to 10 minutes of successful Read to Self time. They actually went from 8 minutes one day to 12.5 minutes the next, and then 13 minutes. Whoa! To celebrate, students received a special Reading Star bookmark, a sticker about reading, and (no doubt the most exciting news) THE LOFT OPENED! The loft is actually called our "Upstairs Library" or the "Loft Library." It is a fantastic place to read, and it was closed up until Friday. Since students did so well learning the routines of "Read to Self" time and what it means to be a diligent, focused reader I figured they were ready for the responsibility of being calm, careful, and quiet readers in the loft. I was right! So far, everyone has done a marvelous job of being quiet in the loft and moving in, around, and out of it safely. Bravo, first graders!

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  1. Sarah is so happy to be able to go up to the loft to read!