Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Graders are Amazing!

I've shown you some of the amazing digital notes students have taken via the iPad, and I have promised to have students share their All About Sharks books electronically (and they will), but I just had to give everyone a sneak peek at the amazing work being done during this shark study. On Friday, students transferred their knowledge about shark pups (our focus of research on Thursday afternoon) into a page for their All About books. It's amazing how much they remembered and were able to include in their text and illustrations. This is the power of discussion, sharing, and note-taking--it helps us remember what we've learned! Friday afternoon's focus was using videos as a source of information. Students watched short video clips about great white sharks and whale sharks and took notes about the information they learned to help them write a chapter in their books on Monday.

Here are two students with their pages about shark pups for their All About Sharks books:

These are examples of some of the notes students took on Friday afternoon after watching the videos about whale sharks and great white sharks. We have been taking turns using iPads/clipboards and paper for note-taking. Both are awesome tools. Many students have published their digital notes on their Kidblogs. 

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