Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Video Reflections

Students learned how to create reflection videos to record their thinking about things they've learned. Since we've been studying sharks, students practiced sharing their thinking about this topic. Many students have shared their videos on their Kidblogs. Some decided to write their reflections instead, and some ran into technical difficulties with the video uploading, which we are working on fixing. Students have now been introduced to several ways to record their learning/thinking--notes on paper, digital note-taking, and video recording. Next up--screen casting using iPad apps. They will publish their shark nonfiction books using a screen casting app, and these will be posted to their blogs. Tomorrow is Wonder Wednesday once again, and students will start to brainstorm a Genius Hour inquiry topic/questions. I'm so excited--much more information to come!

Here are some photos of today's work with creating video reflections...

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