Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day and Homework Note

St. Patrick's Day
Though it was a busy day of learning, we did manage to sneak in some "just for fun" activities today. One was the doing of a slightly mischievous leprechaun who left a note (see below) and 24 green coins scattered about the room for us to discover when we got to school today. 

Willie left his hat behind too, so we used it for our greeting today ("Top o' the morning to you!"). 

Mrs. Lucier and I spread a little Irish cheer this afternoon with special treats for the class. Mrs. Lucier's pot o' gold was healthy and fun to look at, don't you agree? My white chocolate dipped pretzels were festive and green. Put them together and that's the luck of the Irish shining down on our class, I'd say! :-)

Our Skype call with a class in Manchester, United Kingdom did not happen as planned, but we did get to say hello to the class and hear their nice accents. They are having unseasonably warm weather, which made us a bit envious! They go to St. Patrick's School, so that was a neat coincidence on St. Patrick's Day. We should have Skyped with a class in Ireland too and made it a three-call day. ;-) We will do a Mystery Number Skype with the class we met today soon.

Homework Note:
Due to the two snow days last week, we did not spend enough time on last week's SWR lesson. Therefore, there is no new spelling list for this week. Math homework was sent home today. As always, please have your child read with you every night. Thanks for all you do!

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