Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sharing research, practicing time

Students started sharing their short research projects about animals. As of now, everyone who has finished his/her Haiku Deck has it posted on this blog. Soon, everyone will learn how to post them to Kidblog. We will continue sharing projects next week. This is a choice (to share in front of the class). I know not everyone is comfortable with this format. I never would have been willing to share in front of the class in first grade! I think these students are very brave!

We have spent time in the past few days practicing telling time to the five-minute interval. Telling time is still a developing skill for most students! If you have an analog (non-digital) clock or watch at home, please help your child practice. Students have learned to check the hour hand first (we call it the short hand and/or the hour hand) to determine the hour. I call this the "easy part." The "hard part" is figure out the minutes. So, we might see that they hour hand is past the 2, but not yet to the 3. We say, "It's 2-something" and then we figure out the minutes by counting by fives until we get to where the minute hand (long hand) is. We haven't started telling time to the one-minute interval...that's coming soon!

In the photos below, students are a "human clock"!

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