Friday, March 21, 2014

Research--our own topics!

Students were THRILLED to choose their own topics for short research projects! We started with the topic of sharks as a class. Yesterday students decided which animal they'd like to learn more about. We are working our way toward having even more freedom in topic choice, but we're doing this is small steps. Everyone was able to visit Mrs. Flanagan and Mrs. Lamphier in the library to get a few books on their topic, and in the afternoon students used these and some online resources to start their research! I am absolutely amazed at the engagement shown by everyone to reading and writing for the purpose of learning. Wow! Next week students will learn a new app to share what they've learned. 

We are also working on comparing and contrasting different types of nonfiction books--informational texts and literary/narrative nonfiction. Here are examples of books we've compared and contrasted. Ask your child to explain how these books are alike and different! 

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