Sunday, January 22, 2012

Writing Workshop and Marble Mazes :-)

We are working on a writing unit called "Authors as Mentors" in Writing Workshop. Recently, we have been looking at bold print both as a feature in fiction and nonfiction and comparing how it's used in each type of text. We have noticed bold print in many of the fiction books we read, which are the texts that are most like our "Small  Moment" stories in Writing Workshop. The student in the photo below tried bold print on his own, before this feature was an official Writing Workshop mini-lesson! I asked him ahead of time if I could "make him famous" by using his story in my writing mini-lesson about how we can use bold print in our own writing. More about this exciting writing unit to come...

Our famous author!
The marble maze has been a hit every time we have choice time. It has been neat to see how many students can work together to create so many different ramps for the marbles to travel through and how they problem solve together when the ramp does not work. Great cooperation!
This was some seriously great cooperative work!
They were so intent on getting testing this marvelous ramp before the bell rang!
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