Sunday, January 15, 2012

We're READERS...and a great School-Wide Meeting

We had a FANTASTIC Friday--what a great way to end the week before the students headed out for the long weekend. Remember, there is no school for students tomorrow. It's a teacher inservice day. Here are a few photos from Friday...

This was the view from my table as I held reading conferences on Friday. Students did 30 MINUTES of Read to Self time. Whoa! (Maybe longer, actually...I kinda lost track). I am SO proud of them!
There was a lot of hand waving and clapping at Friday's School-Wide Meeting. We have a SWM each month--a time for the UMS community to get together and say hello, share what's going on in different classrooms, and participate in activities/songs together.
Mrs. Anderson's class taught us the Snowflake greeting.
Mrs. McCleary and these kindergarten students taught us the Calm Down song.
Mrs. Mulcahy and her class lead us in an active song that allowed us to count to 100 by 1s with fun motions!
January is Wellness Month at UMS--so counting and exercising was a perfect connection!
A whole-school view...well, almost.
We're almost to 100!

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