Thursday, January 12, 2012

New technology!

Our new technology has arrived! Students were VERY excited to see our new equipment, which arrived on Monday. A big thank you goes out to all who donated to the project at to make this happen! We received two digital voice projects, two digital cameras, and a webcam. I am very eager to get these great devices in students' hands, aiding in their learning. It's all very exciting! The new cameras took the following pictures. Some were taken by me, some by students. :-)

Students searched for examples of diagrams in nonfiction books. (I took this photo).
Students LOVED this fun function machine on the interactive whiteboard. You will see function machines in the math homework in the coming weeks. (I took this picture too.)
I did not take this photo, and it sure it a great one! First graders take great photos!
Fun with the Marble Race at choice time--photo taken by a 1st grader. :-)
More student photography, and another great photo!
Students each took a photo of another student using the digital cameras. They then used their photos in their "Nonfiction Features Booklets" for our page about captions--everyone wrote a caption for their digital photograph.
Working on writing captions--photo by Mrs. S. 
This mystery photo showed up on one of the new digital cameras...I think someone was proud of his/her work in the math journal! Funny! :-) These are function machines, by the way (see photo above with interactive whiteboard).

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