Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Room 6 today...

What a fun day! We started our day with a mistake-laden morning message! Oops! Mrs. Sorenson sure did make a lot of errors! ;-) Good thing these first graders have keen editing skills and caught and corrected each mistake! We then moved onto our Snowballs art/literature project. Many students did not finish theirs today, but they are off to a great start! Watch for a VoiceThread about this project coming soon (I'll post it on the blog). We also began something new today--science choice stations! I posted a couple of photos today but I'll explain more later. I hope your week is off to a great start!

Off to a great start!

Great cooperation!
Editing the morning message.

Sharing ideas and tools is fun!

The creative juices are flowing!
They paused just long enough so I could take this picture--everyone was so involved in their creations!
Intense concentration! 
So proud!

I love the teamwork!
Science stations--making a giant envelope to hold our  magnets work

"Fishing" with magnets.

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