Sunday, January 29, 2012


Students have been very excited about the iPad in our classroom--it's amazing how one tool can be so powerful and have so many possibilities! Students also continue to love using our digital cameras. They (and our other cool new tech tools) are still pretty new in the classroom, so we've barely scratched the surface for how we're going to use them. It's very exciting! Coming soon--using Flip cameras and voice recorders to encourage fluent reading. 

Students have started recording something about their Snowballs creations using VoiceThread. They can record just voice or do a video.
It's fun to see students excited to document their creations. I hope to help students record other times during their day, but we seem to think of the student digital cameras mainly at free choice time so far! :-)
They  had a lot of fun experimenting with the camera. It got very silly! 
As a class, we have been working on SMOOTH transitions from one activity to another. On Friday, students earned stars for every smooth transition. Each star earned the class 2 extra minutes of choice time at the end of the day. We started with 20 minutes in the bank and earned 14 bonus minutes! 
A student photo of some collaborative building work.
Constructing this airplane out of an extra box took a group of students two choice time periods and a lot of negotiation/problem solving. It was so neat to see how they figured out a way to reinforce the wings when they started to sag. Two students collaborated to write a book as a spin-off of this project--one is the author, and one is the illustrator. They are both excited to share their writing on Monday. Choice time allows so much unplanned/spontaneous learning to happen!
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