Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

We had a terrific Tuesday! Check out some of our activities in the photos below. 
We did a fun lesson using the Easiteach program on the interactive whiteboard.  This was an activity about magnets.
We do movement breaks during the day. The Beanbag Beatbox 2 was a new one today. Fun!
Today in math students practiced math facts (addition) in many ways. Dominoes are a fun tool for practice! 
We are working on number writing with number scrolls. Soon, these will be cut out, glued together, and rolled up in a long scroll (which is why we need a few more paper towel tubes). I am excited to see how far students go in their number writing!
The Math Magician Game was another way students practiced addition math facts today.
We also used a facts table in our math journal to study facts and look for patterns. We highlighted the doubles facts.
Math fact puzzles.
SWR--students used the "crayon resist" method to practice red words.
Scrambled sentences are a fun way to practice the structure of and rules for sentences.
Making short o words during SWR.


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