Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A peek at our week

Here are some snippets of the last couple days, in photos. I hope you agree that pictures really help give a glimpse into life in first grade! I think I need a dedicated classroom photographer. Soon, that will be the students. Hooray!

Students went "book shopping" in our leveled library this week. They now have 5 or more "good fit" books in their classroom book bags. Watch for these bags to come home soon for your child to read to you. Students learned the acronym 'I-PICK' to help choose good-fit books:
I choose a book
Purpose--I have a reason to want to read this book
Interest--The book is interesting to me in some way
Comprehend--I understand what I'm reading in this book
Know--I can read most of the words by myself
Miss Dube has taken over the Name of the Day routine during our SWR time (Spelling, Writing, Reading--our phonics/spelling program). Ask your child what we have been doing with everyone's names. Your students are word wizards!
We take lots of "brain breaks" throughout the day in first grade. Many involve movement, like the Beanbag Boogie, which is pictured above. We have a lot of great dancers in the room who like to get their wiggles out in that way!
It's good to take breaks from the academic routine with a little bit of free choice time, and the foam blocks are often in high demand!
Students learned about the crayon resist for practicing spelling words today. Ask your child what we did!
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