Sunday, September 16, 2012

Writing Workshop has begun!

Our Writing Workshop officially kicked off last Wednesday. Students have done several other writing assignments, but it was exciting to start the Writing Workshop (WW) routine. I have to say, I am very impressed already with students' writing. Everyone seems enthusiastic about writing and eager to get their thoughts and ideas onto paper! The WW begins with a mini-lesson, then students have independent writing time which will include a one-to-one conference with a teacher as often as possible (at least once per week). After writing time, students meet in a sharing circle to share about our writing in some way. The sharing circle can take many forms, which I will describe in future blog posts. 

Students were not finished with their pieces in this photo, but they were happy to show their progress! 
Our sharing circle on Friday was a "content share." Two students shared. They chose to read it (the other option was to have me read it to the class for them). Then, students in the class could give a compliment or ask a question. The hope is that some of the questions will generate more detailed writing. If someone asks a question about something the writer thinks should have been included in the writing, they can then go back and add it to their piece.
I was proud of our first two students who were brave enough to not only share their writing with the class, but also to read it aloud themselves. Hooray!

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