Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guidance and Unified Arts

I hope you've heard about our Guidance lessons with Mrs. McCleary on Tuesdays. She comes every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 for about 30 minutes. Each week, she teaches about a different topic and she always has a fantastic book to go along with that topic. She has already been in our room for three Guidance classes. So far, she has taught about interrupting, personal space, and tattling. (All very relevant topics for 1st graders!) Yesterday, students brought home a page of tattling rules to teach someone at home. I have been lax about taking photos of our Guidance lessons, but Mrs. McCleary does have her own blog, which is linked here and in the tabs on my main blog page under "UMS/CSD Links."

Unified Arts:
We are trying to make the transition from referring to art, music, library, and P.E. as "specials" and be consistent with other schools in our district which refer to these classes as the "unified arts." Speaking of the unified arts--each of these wonderful teachers have blogs too, which can be found in the tab titled "unified arts" on my main blog page. I encourage you to check them out!


  1. Thank you for posting... I would not have thought to check these other blogs :)

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Sorenson! I hope this will help people get a better idea of what their children do in the unified arts classes! Ms. Mutz (Music Educator)