Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surveys in Kindergarten!

One of our recent math lessons was about tally counting. We watched a short video on BrainPop Jr. about using tally marks when taking a survey (this video in the link above is a free BrainPop video, but most require a subscription--we have a classroom subscription to use at school). We also practiced tally counting and discussed why counting with tallies could be useful. To practice using tallies, what better way than to actually give a survey?! So, we did. On Thursday and Friday, each math group took a mini-field trip--to one of our kindergarten classrooms! Students each had a question to ask the kindergarten students (and any teachers and other adults we encountered along the way). Ask your child what question he/she asked and about the results. It was a fun, valuable way to learn/review tally counting!

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