Saturday, September 8, 2012

Math Workshop

Our math workshop is off to a great start! Students spent the first several days learning about different tools and routines for our math time, and then I introduced our M.A.T.H. station time. M.A.T.H. is an acronym for our four math stations: Meet with the Teacher, All by Myself, Technology Time, and Hands On. I select the stations that each math group will visit each day (the groups are named according to pattern block shapes) and students have some choices within each station. In the beginning, there is not as much choice since we are still working on learning new games and activities that will eventually be a part of the math station menu. Similar to Reading Workshop, our Math Workshop begins with a mini-lesson, then students move onto guided/independent practice time (stations, usually), and closes with a sharing circle. Pictured below are the math station board and some activities that took place this week during math stations.

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