Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

We had a GREAT day at school today. Here's a peek in to a few of the many wonderful Wednesday moments that happened today in our classroom. Enjoy!

Our science station time was very calm and hard-working. Spatter painting was
a huge hit. We are working on an art project to go along with our study of
the moon/night sky.
The nice weather this week has put everyone in a good mood. Since today was especially nice, we spent some extra time outdoors.
It is always SO nice to see students helping one another. In this case, a student helped another without even being asked. She just wanted to help to her friend!

One student had the idea today that we should add the job of "Class Reporter" to our job chart. What a wonderful idea! She decided to volunteer to be the first reporter and to demonstrate what future reporters can do. Normally, reporters will take notes for a week and then share their notes with me to create a blog post for this blog. Since this is brand new, I just had to share her notes. Warm fuzzy! What great thinkers we have in 1st grade! 

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  1. We are so lucky as teachers when our students make great suggestions! Keep up the good work!