Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick updates

Hello and Happy Monday! It was another busy day in first grade. One piece of news today is that students met with their new literacy partners. They gave input on Friday about three people they thought would make good reading partners for our Read with Someone time. I then took their input and did my best to match everyone with a partner for reading and writing. Our partnerships change every 4-6 weeks, on average. Students were glad to participate in the process this time. I was especially impressed with how well everyone did during Writing Workshop writing with their new partners. Such great collaboration!

Literacy partners hard at work!
Another piece of news is that students will soon become bloggers! We will be using a site called One student noticed my announcement about blogging (see right-hand sidebar) when he was looking at our blog at home and asked during pack-up/dismissal time if he could write a blog post. Well, sure! I have not yet introduced this to the whole class, but I will soon. I will send instructions home at that time in case you want to try this with your child and/or leave comments for your child to read. 

A proud new blogger!
We started exploring Google Moon during science today. I am admittedly novice in exploring this tool, but I can tell it's a pretty great resource! It's a 3-D model of the moon online with links to videos and photos of the moon, lunar landings, and more. If you are familiar with Google Earth, you can find Google Moon within the Google Earth application. Google Earth is a free download. Here's more info:

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