Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome back!

Everyone seemed ready to be back at school after their week-long Thanksgiving break! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend conferences last Monday. It was nice to see you and share your children's progress! First grade is an amazing year! You will see so much growth--your children are working hard!

Here are a few snapshots from yesterday...

Students can make a candle with tissue paper and glue at the art station this week. Candles are a part of every holiday tradition we'll study during our "Holidays Around the World" theme unit which begins next week!The directions for the project are posted for children to read and follow.
We are working on measurement in our current math unit. Yesterday students learned about measuring in inches using rulers.
Yesterday, students measured things less than 12" long, but we'll be using a variety of measurement tools to measure things and determining which tools work best for whatever it is you want to measure. Sometimes a tape measure is much more efficient than a ruler, and sometimes a ruler works perfectly. 
Kid Blog continues to be a popular activity during the school day and at home too! Please visit our students' blogs and feel free to leave comments. We will be working on creating proper titles and writing complete sentences in our posts. Soon, I hope to have students post photos too! In this photo, one student is showing another how to post links to other websites within a blog post. Cool!

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