Saturday, November 5, 2011

Moon Watching Reminder...

I hope you and your child have had the opportunity to view the moon together over the past couple of weeks. We have had perfect moon-viewing conditions. If you have not yet had the opportunity, here's a link to a calendar that lists the moon rise and moon set times for our region: Moonrise/Moonset Calendar

The weather is supposed to be clear at least through Thursday, and Thursday is a full moon. So, this is prime moon-watching time. A key understandings for first graders is that the moon's appearance changes as time goes on. We have been discussing how the moon looks different throughout the month and these changes occur in a cycle. An important (but difficult) concept for first grade students to grasp is that the moon's size doesn't actually change. The amount we see is simply how much of the moon is lit by the sun.

We are keeping a moon log in class. We check this blog each day to see the current moon phase and record it in our logs. The BEST way to note these changes is live observation. So, please go out and see the moon! THANK YOU!

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