Thursday, November 17, 2011

More about the Moon

We are working on our new "lap books" for our study of the moon. We also did a lap book for our "All About Me" was the project that was in the creatively folded file folder, which is the lap book. This week students designed a cover for their moon lap books and we updated our moon observation logs, as we had gotten a bit behind. It was neat to hear first grade scientists making predictions about when the moon would be a quarter moon again. Someone predicted Thursday, and he was very close! Tomorrow will be a quarter moon. Students have been noticing the patterns in the moon cycle and are now very good at naming the phases.

Have you been able to do any moon watching as a family? It's been excellent to see it in the sky each morning recently. My son was so confused by that: "Mommy, why is the moon awake when the sun is awake too?" Gotta love the mind of a three-year-old!

We have also been working on an earth/moon/sun art project that was delayed due to my illness. :-( It will be worth the wait...

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