Monday, November 14, 2011

We are Bloggers! (And the "King of -ing")

It was an exciting morning in 1st grade! THANK YOU to Bekah Gwozdz and Tammie Wirtz, our reading volunteers, who donned their "tech help" hats to help students enter the world of blogging. I can see that some students have already let their families know about their new blogs--hooray! I welcome everyone to log in at home too. Some students asked if it's OK to blog at home. I said, "YES, of course!" I want students to feel free to write and post at home, and you can even include photos, videos, links, etc. if you'd like. Currently, we're just working on the basics in 1st grade--using a title and writing a sentence or two that connects to the title. And if that didn't happen yet--oh well! Everyone was able to log in, find their blog, and start typing. That's a HUGE step if you ask me.

Also, PLEASE leave comments (see for students. It's very exciting to receive comments. And invite other family members, near and far, to comment too. I am thinking about incorporating "blog buddies" (2nd graders) as we progress in this adventure, to help with spelling, grammar, etc. Right now, I was just really happy everyone was 1) EXCITED!, 2) inspired to write, 3) focused, and 4) learning how technology can offer us an audience for our writing. At some point soon, students will be adding photos to go along with their posts. One step at a time!

Today in SWR we learned about the -ing word family, brainstormed some -ing words, practiced writing the letter "g" and made these cool "King of -ing" crowns. Don't worry, boys and girls can both be kings in SWR. :-)

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