Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Students as bloggers

As many of you probably already know, I went to a fantastic technology conference last week on Thursday and Friday. I learned a lot about integrating technology into the classroom in a way that engages students and enhances their learning. Students love this blog, so when I learned about sites out there that make student blogging simple, safe, and easy, I was ready to go! I set up a class blog site for us and posted the link on the right-hand sidebar of this blog. One student, Max, saw this link and got very excited about trying it. I showed him how to do it while he was waiting for his bus---pretty simple!

Today, Max made a good point. He wants people to see his blog posts but isn't sure they'll know to look unless I tell the world. So, here I am, telling the world! We now have student blogs. So far, Max is our only student who has posted. I plan to teach everyone how to post on our site on Friday. When I do, I will post a notification so you know to check.

For those of you how want to check now, here's the link:

I will send home printed directions on Friday about how to log-in, in case your child wishes to blog at home too.

Max and Austin were very excited to see their photos posted electronically...Mr. Antonicci has a "tie club." Any student who comes to school wearing a tie (as Mr. Antonicci almost always does), they can go to his office to get a picture with him. And, just for the record, girls can be in this club too. :-) Max--what a perfect tie for our current unit of study in science!

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