Friday, November 11, 2011

Report from our class reporter

I have the class reporter sitting next to me as I type, telling me some highlights of the past few days. Julliana came up with the idea, so she's our first reporter. Here's the report:

  • We are studying about the moon!
  • We have been counting money in class--pennies, nickels, and dimes.
  • We got new LEGOS and the boys like them. :-) (Mrs. S's note: I think some of the girls do too). 
  • We played Poison Ball in P.E.
  • Remember to bring your library book on Tuesday!
  • In Art, we are making masks! We are using paper, glitter, and beads.
  • We took turns playing instruments in the middle of the circle at Music. 
  • Julliana thinks we should get a bouncy castle at UMS. :-)
Have a great weekend!

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