Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book shopping!

Students learned about choosing "Good Fit" books this week. They learned the acronym "I-PICK" to help them shop for appropriate books. Please see the photo of our "I-PICK" poster below for more information. Students keep a collection of books at an appropriate reading level in their own book bags in the classroom, which they take out for Read to Self and Read with Someone time during our Reading Workshop. They can exchange books in their book bags every week or more often if needed. Book shopping for the first time was very exciting! We also watched a fun video with a song about "I-PICK." We hope to learn the song and movements and create our own video to post here. Stay tuned!

This student is showing you what a book bag looks like and was actually interrupted during his shopping for a quick photo. :-)
Smile, book shoppers!
Book bags filled with good fit books!
This is the "I-PICK" poster. These are the things students must consider when selected good fit books.
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  1. Hi Mrs. Sorenson's Class!
    It looks like you're doing great work. Hooray!