Saturday, September 24, 2011

Literacy Partnerships

We started a new component of our Reading Workshop last week--Read with Someone. We now have two components of the "Daily 5" of literacy under our belts! For now, I chose reading/writing partnerships for the children. We will stay with the current partnerships for a while, and then I will switch them around again. After two or three teacher-selected partnerships, I will allow students to have input on who they think would make a good literacy partner. I feel it takes some experience with working with different students (not just choosing our best friends) to make an informed decision about who might be a good partner. So far so good with literacy partnerships!

Just in case you're wondering...the other three components of the Daily 5 are "Work on Writing," "Word Work," and "Listen to Reading." Soon, students will select which Daily 5 component to work on each day during their "Daily 5" choice period during our Reading Workshop block. We do a reading mini-lesson, Read  to Self, sharing circle, Read with Someone, and (soon) Daily 5 choice. 
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