Saturday, September 3, 2011


Math began right away in first grade! Our math program, Everyday Math, is aptly named since we will do math every single day! In fact, math is embedded throughout our day, from math-related activities at Morning Meeting, to movement breaks that involve counting/math facts, to counting practice as we transition between activities, to our hour-long math block in the afternoon. Developing early math skills is essential in the primary grades! Next week, you will receive a letter in your child's home-school folder introducing the Everyday Math program. This is the first of several "Family Letters" you will receive. I will explain more at Curriculum Night about our math curriculum and homework. I will post the date of Curriculum Night on Tuesday (this night will be for all first grade families--Ms. Barnett and Mrs. Kelly will present together, and Mrs. Hughes and I will present together).

This week, students learned some of our Math Meeting routine, which uses the calendar and counting days of school as a springboard for teaching many math skills (tally marks, counting coins, place value, and more). Students also explored two math materials: pattern blocks and unifix cubes. We will use both materials throughout first grade to explore various math concepts. Before I expect students to use these materials as a math tool, they need to have an opportunity to explore them in a safe, calm way. Our "Guided Discovery" of many math materials allows this to happen.

Students also had a chance to play a familiar math game, Number Squeeze, during our Math Meeting yesterday. In Kindergarten, this game is called "Monster Squeeze." It is number that is great for developing number sense and using the important math vocabulary: greater than and less than. Ask your child how to play the game (and I will post directions soon for those who wish to play at home).

The slideshows below give you a glimpse of our math time this week...enjoy!

Pattern Block Exploration!

Unifix Cubes and Number Squeeze!  

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