Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Math Stations

Everyday Math is fully underway!  Each day we begin our block with calendar routine.  I then teach a whole group lesson (today was how to use/write tally marks).  Finally, students are broken down into small groups and rotate through four different stations.  Each day they will work with adults at two of the stations while the other two stations are independent tasks.  Everyday Math is a spiraling math curriculum (topics are introduced - we practice a new concept - and eventually go back to the original idea).  The math program will be explained in detail at our Curriculum Night (September 29th).

Last week, I had students work on an assessment task at my table that needed to be done independently. They used their "offices" to ensure privacy. File folders are so versatile!
Sometimes math station work is paper/pencil tasks, sometimes not. Many students seem to enjoy having a mix of math stations--some that are paper/pencil and some that are more exploratory in nature.
Math games will frequently be a part of math station time.
Playing math games on the computer is a very popular station!
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