Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our New Rug

Our  much-anticipated area rug arrived last Thursday afternoon! Students were surprised to walk in to a colorful change when they walked in on Friday. The rug is not only colorful, but it provides a more comfortable gathering space in our meeting area. Comfort is key, as this is where we meet for Morning Meeting and all mini-lessons, read alouds, and more! The rug helps everyone form a circle when we need to sit in a circle (although it's rectangular, having a visual border helps us estimate how much space we'll need to fit everyone), and the rectangles inside help everyone maintain a self space during whole group teaching.  It was so sweet to see how excited everyone was to see the rug (but I think I was the most excited!). :-)

Look at our rug!
Just another angle...
Goofy faces!

This was suddenly a more popular space for Read to Self time. :-)
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  1. Love the new rug! It looks perfect in your classroom! And what a bunch of great little readers I see on that rug already! ") Jodi