Saturday, September 24, 2011

Math News

Students took their first math assessment last week for Unit 1 in our Everyday Math program. You will receive a copy of this assessment in your child's green folder on Monday. We will talk about the math program, including homework expectations, at Curriculum Night on Thursday. Homework will begin on Monday, October 3rd. We send homework on Monday, and it is due by Friday. 

We have been hard at work in math every day! Here are some photos of recent happenings during math time...

Number Grids: We use the number grid every day during our math meeting. Students have been noticing many patterns on the number grid and many are using it as a resource when they forget how to write a number. On Friday, students practiced locating numbers on the number grid and counting forward and back. We also practiced skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. 

Using "icky fingers" for pointing made our # grid work more fun!
So silly--he's fully into character with his "icky finger." :-)

Pattern Blocks are fun, but sometimes it's disappointing to have to dismantle a cool creation when it's clean-up time. This week, students had the opportunity to make a pattern block design that they did not have to put away! Pattern block stickers are great! Students had to plan their designs with pattern blocks BEFORE making it on paper with the stickers. This was a great exercise in spatial relations. Look for these great designs at Open House on October 6th. 

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