Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Number formation the high-tech way

I love technology and using technology to enhance lessons. I am looking forward to helping your children learn how to use technology to enhance their learning this year. So far, most of the technology I've used has been for demonstration purposes, although students have had time to engage in learning games on the computer. ShowMe is a neat application online and on the iPad. I have an iPad and I LOVE it! I am excited to integrate more iPad action into our curriculum and learning activities. Today, I showed students two ShowMe videos via the iPad (which I projected onto our interactive whiteboard using the document camera). Yikes! That's a lot of tech! Of course, the good old fashioned way of teaching number formation is fine too, but this was a fun way to experiment with a tool I think has excellent possibilities.

I will keep you up to date with how technology is integrated into our first grade learning activities. It's an ever evolving thing, and I am doing my best to stay current. One thing is for certain--this generation will NEED to be proficient in using technology. It's everywhere!

This video demonstrates correct number formation for the number 5:
This video demonstrates correct number formation for the number 6:

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