Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun, Games, and Exploration

Much of our learning in first grade is hands on, and I try to incorporate games whenever possible...

The PTO gave each classroom a pumpkin, which we used for our Pumpkin Investigation book and will use for  more fun math activities on Halloween!
Students practiced estimating before measuring the actual weight and height of the pumpkin. They also  estimated and then counted the number of lines on it.
Pumpkin Jumble was a fun way to think about probability of dice rolls and also to practice tallying results. 
Roll-a-Skeleton was a popular game during math time!
Students could practice patterning with Halloween materials during math time. Check out this AABC  pattern. Awesome!
Swap It! was an engaging way to practice reading short vowel words during my SWR station. 
Free choice allows students to unleash their creativity!
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