Monday, October 10, 2011

Will visits 1st grade

We have been talking a lot about writing about things that matter to us during our Writing Workshop and other writing times in the classroom. So, when I model for students what matters to me, naturally I tell stories about my own family. Will (my first-born) has been a prominent figure in my recent storytelling. He's three and he has recently found his voice! :-) You may have heard some stories about Will and Patrick. I try to give them equal "air time." 

Will loves our classroom. Any time I mention work, he asks if he can go to "Mommy's classroom." Yesterday, he got his wish. I had some work to do, so Will got to come to work with me. Now his biggest wish is to come when the students are actually there. I am not sure that will happen anytime soon. 

These photos are for my first graders, who are so interested in my babies and my stories about them. Here's the infamous "Froggy backpack" and Patrick eating a tiny apple. :-)

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