Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guidance--Personal Space

Mrs. McCleary's guidance lesson today focused on respecting our own and others' need for personal space. Different situations call for different amounts of personal space--for example, we usually require less personal space in a line than we might when sitting together on the carpet in the classroom. Also, some people generally prefer more space around them than others. Mrs. McCleary read a great book--Personal Space Camp--to help teach about this important concept. Then she used a hula hoop and bubbles as visuals to help get students thinking. The hula hoops shows about how much space we might need when sitting with peers on the rug. She blew bubbles and asked students to think of when you might need a small "bubble space" versus a large "bubble space." We use the terms "personal space" and "bubble space" interchangeably. 

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