Thursday, October 13, 2011

More from literacy stations...

I sent an email to all families earlier this week to ensure I have your correct email address and to get some feedback about your blog viewing. The overwhelming response was, "We love the photos!" So, I will try to take as many photos as I can! I know it's nice to get a glimpse into your child's day. When my daycare provider sends/shows us photos of my boys, I absolutely love it! The problem is, I tend to take pictures only during times that I am not actively teaching the whole class or a small group of students--and those times are very limited! So, here are some pictures of literacy stations yesterday and today. I will soon teach small groups during this time, but I am currently ensuring everyone knows the expectations/structure/routines before attempting small group instruction...

Ah, the loft. How could you NOT love it?
Art station has been popular this week. 
Students can add poems/songs to their poetry/song notebooks. This week I taught two songs about pumpkins.
I love our view in autumn. Not a lot of natural light comes in through the windows, but it's such a gorgeous view of the changing trees!
Another October kitty--our current art station project. 
Word study station includes many different things--including this alphabet puzzle.
Reading together--a hilarious book, Mousetache, in our classroom library.
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