Monday, October 31, 2011

Wrapping up October...Wow!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow brings November. Time is cruising by in first grade. That's a good sign! :-) As I write this, the smell of roasting pumpkin seeds is wafting through my house--the product of a fun math lesson today! We explored the weight, height, and number of lines on our classroom pumpkin last week. Today we cut it open and counted the seeds. Students put them in groups of ten to count. There were 448 seeds in our pumpkin, and they are all in my oven right now. Tomorrow we'll eat them and students will share if they like them or not. We'll tally the results and make a graph to take home. Here are some photos from math today (and a couple of other things too). Happy Halloween!

I saw some great teamwork today counting the seeds. Even those who don't like the slimy feel of the seeds were willing to help!
Putting the seeds in groups of 10 made it much easier to count!

Making bracelets with special beads was a fun way to practice patterning during math today!
I hope the bracelets made it home safely!

Students estimated how many seeds were in the pumpkin BEFORE we cut it open and counted. 500 was the closest estimate--448 was the total.
This is starting to be an unintentional tradition--I forgot to hand out the treat bags I made for the students.  Oh well...they'll be extra special tomorrow after the excitement of this evening! 

Students from the CHS Drama Club came last Friday to perform The Big Pumpkin. What a great show and a wonderful tradition at UMS. 

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