Monday, October 10, 2011

More than one way of thinking...

During SWR last week, students enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard to unscramble scrambled sentences! :-) I put the words on word cards with only one "clue" about how the sentence should be arranged--the first letter of the sentence MUST be uppercase! I had an idea of the "correct" way to arrange the sentence...but students had their own ideas. Some sentences were silly on purpose...some not. You'll see!

This was supposed to be a silly sentence...
...and it was!
This was not supposed to be a silly sentence...but it is, and it's still correct! 
I wish you could see the finished product. This student rearranged the above sentence to say "Can you see my hat?" which was the "correct" version of the sentence. I loved that students found TWO correct ways to unscramble the sentence!
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