Monday, October 10, 2011

A glimpse into more literacy stations...

Last week students started Literacy Station time during the final segment of our Reading Workshop block. I have been so busy making sure everyone knows what to do, I haven't taken a lot of photos. But, here's a glimpse into a few activities during our Reading Workshop block. I will try to take more this week!

The "Listening to Reading" station is popular. Students can access several websites via our blog that allow them to watch and listen to stories online. Listening to fluent reading is an important part of becoming a proficient reader. The best way to do this--read with your child at home! 
This is Sharing Circle. There is never a shortage of students who are willing to share what they are doing in reading!  Last week we focused a lot on FLUENT reading, so students modeled their fluent reading at Sharing Circle.
We have an amazing Writing Station in our classroom, which students can use for the "Work on Writing" station. Many students like to create books with paper and the stapler and then write in them. Wonderful!
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  1. Literacy looks like fun! I am so glad you are a teacher at UMS. Our students benefit from having such a wonderful educator.